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Celebrate the little (BIG) moments!

Utilizing an amazing local laser cut shop, we developed a spread of new wood products to celebrate baby's arrival and growth. We start with high quality wood and end with one-of-a-kind keepsakes.
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Monthly Milestones sets are a group of 12 discs (some round, rectangle, or even hexagon) that you can use to commemorate each month of growth during baby's first year. We designed these with several different styles, so you can pick something that fits you, your nursery, and any photo ops you want to capture!
Our custom name signs are the coolest! We created so many different options, for first, middle, and last name combinations. Some feature delicate details while others are bold and simple. Searching for a unique gift? These are it! Not only are they the perfect companion to baby in their very first photo introduction, they can be a forever keepsake, on the nursery shelf of in a baby book.
We even have some designs where you write in baby's birth stats. So much better than the hospital certificate, am I right?
 We went a bit further and added "Big Brother" and "Big Sister" announcement signs, and also "One Year Old" signs. So much fun!
We're so happy that we get to help celebrate these incredible moments in your life and hope our wood engraved pieces truly make the memories last! 
Alexis, Kelli, & Meggie

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