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Free Halloween Bingo Printables

Free Halloween Bingo Printables

Celebrate Halloween with BINGO for kids!

Hello Village! We are having a lot of Halloween fun at home this year and we wanted to share one of our favorite Halloween games- BINGO!

My kids always play Halloween Bingo at their grandma's house and so this year I decided to give it a modern refresh for us to use at our house. I have two little girls so the illustrations are only a tiny bit spooky, but mostly just cute. I hope you love them.

There are 10 unique Bingo cards and, of course, each has a fun free space in the middle. I also made this game to have different designs so you can play to blackout, which my kids LOVE! It includes 33 call cards in a bigger size so everyone can see the picture too! We always use candy corn for our markers but any candy will do. We also love to use little plastic spiders to mark the squares! 

I also recommend laminating these pages to use each year and keep the pages clean from sticky hands. They are so easy to wipe down and use again.

I hope you love it! Share your Halloween pictures with us at @VillageBabyShop and tag #VBprintables



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